That Moment, Episode 2: “Take your gloves off and put your hands into the soil”

When the nature of automobile risk is in flux, what is a leading auto insurance company to do? Why would someone leave The New Yorker to become a farmer? Answers to these questions and more in Episode 2 of That Moment.


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When the definition of “driving” is in flux, how does a leading auto insurance company even begin to redefine risk? In Episode 2, host Michael Copeland chats first with Allstate’s Doug Safford and Opal Perry to learn how they are transforming the way they work and preparing for the oncoming shift to autonomous vehicles.

Next, we hear from Naomi Starkman, who may be the only person to leave The New Yorker to become a farmer. She tells us how a dinner with legendary chef Alice Waters kickstarted a series of events that changed her career forever.

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